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My review of the Fossil Men’s Nate Stainless Steel Quartz Chronograph Watch will begin shortly. This large watch from Fossil is a part of the Nate line, which focuses on timepieces that are superbly designed and feature a brilliant blend of daring styles. Since 1984, Fossil has been designing and manufacturing high-quality watches, and the company consistently provides excellent value for the money while maintaining its high design standards. fossil men’s nate stainless steel quartz chronograph watch By determining if it meets your needs, you will learn from our comprehensive analysis of the Fossil Men’s Nate Stainless Steel Quartz Chronograph Watch precisely how good this timepiece is and if it is suitable for you. Fossil Men’s Nate Stainless Steel Quartz Chronograph Watch Technical Specifications For the sake of this JR1401 review, I will briefly go over some of the most important technical specifications. Before further detail, these are the aspects that people want to acquire a general understanding of first. ● Model Number: JR1401 ● Crystal Material: Mineral ● Case Diameter: 50mm ● Movement: Japanese Quartz ● Extra Features: Date display / chronograph timekeeping ● Water Resistance: 50m / 5 bar ● Strap Material: Stainless steel Quality in Design and Construction of the Fossil JR1401 There’s no denying that the JR1404 Nate edition watch is a sought-after timepiece. A best seller on a variety of watch websites, especially because to the all-black design and big style that are so popular with watch buyers. Over the past few years, enormous watches have grown increasingly fashionable, as have all-black watches. Considering this, it seemed inevitable that a combination of the two would be warmly received. The watchmakers at Fossil are renowned for producing timepieces of exceptional quality, and you can anticipate receiving watches of the same standard from them. In the following, we’ll take a closer look at the various components of the watch in greater depth. JR1401 Dial When you examine the dial of the JR1401, you’ll see that it has an intriguingly designed matte black finish with a textured pattern. Because I’m such a huge lover of textured dials, I just adore it when watches include this kind of a function. It makes it much easier for you to differentiate between the hands and the grey Arabic-style numbers on the watch. In contrast to some chronograph watches, in which the dials appear to be trying to occupy as much room as they can, the chronograph dials on this watch are all tucked away in a really clean and organized manner, which is another feature that I truly appreciate. On the dial, there is also a date display, which, thanks to the dial’s white numerals, is easy to read at a glance, which is a nice touch. JR1401 Sizing In the introduction, I noted that the style of this watch from Fossil is one that is on the larger side. There are some people who are absolutely obsessed with large timepieces, and for them, the bigger the better. However, they are unfortunately not ideal for everyone, as some individuals with smaller wrists discover that they are not very suitable for them; therefore, it is important to bear this in mind. This particular model has a casing diameter of 50 millimeters, which unquestionably places it in the extra big category. Due to the fact that the case has a thickness of 13 millimeters, despite the fact that it has a pretty big profile, it does not appear to be excessively clunky. Crystal of the JR1401 This watch is equipped with a mineral glass crystal of the highest quality, so it can endure a reasonable amount of scratching. Mineral glass is known for its resistance to scratches, whereas the more expensive sapphire crystal is known for its complete lack of sensitivity to scratches. Because sapphire is typically found in more costly watches, it is reasonable, in my opinion, to anticipate that this watch will have mineral glass given its price point. The Strap and the Clasp The clasp is a single-sided push button deployment type, which is a design that I personally find to be fairly appealing. It has the same black ion plating as the rest of the watch, which gives it a really neat touch. It is composed of stainless steel and has a width of 24 millimeters, which is slightly wider than typical but is ideal for the design of the huge dial. Waterproofing technology by Fossil, model JR1401 The water resistance of the Fossil JR1401 is rated at 50 meters, which is equivalent to 5 bars. According to Wikipedia, a water resistance rating of 50 meters is considered “appropriate for swimming, white water rafting, non-snorkeling water-related work, and fishing.” The testing for water resistance is carried out in a setting that is completely still and does not include any additional force. Therefore, a resistance of 50 meters does not indicate that you can dive to a depth of 50 meters. If you were to move your arm while wearing a watch, the pressure that it was subjected to would be significantly greater than the pressure it would encounter if it were just immersed. Common Cause: JR1401 The JR1401 wristwatch is powered by Japanese Quartz. Quartz movements are widely used because they are reliable, inexpensive, and easy to maintain. They function by coordinating a quartz crystal with a digital oscillator. Great precision at a low cost is achieved by passing an electric current through quartz, which causes it to vibrate at a constant rate. Pros and Cons of JR1401 Here’s a quick pros and drawbacks list for this JR1401 review, for those of you who prefer that format. Pros: ● Popular huge design ● Quartz timepiece with Japanese precision. ● Popular all-black watch design ● 50 meters of water resistance, making it perfect for swimming, white water rafting, and other water-related activities besides snorkeling. ● Mineral glass protects well against damage from drops and scratches. ● Including a chronograph timer Cons: ● Oversized timepieces such as this one aren’t always ideal for persons with smaller wrists. ● Some people may find this sort of all-black design on the dial hard to read, personally, I have no issue with it though. Conclusions Regarding the Fossil JR1401 This wristwatch may be perfect for you if you prefer large or all-black watches. I think this is an excellent price for a high-quality timepiece from Fossil. I’m a sucker for big watches, and the textured dial on this one is just what I’ve been looking for. Overall I quite enjoyed having an in-depth look at this watch for the Fossil JR1401 review. Based on our evaluation of the watch’s aesthetics, durability, functionality, materials, and cost, we here at The Watch Blog rate it an 8.5 out of 10.
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