Longines Admiral 5 Star 1967 18ct Automatic Men’s Gold Watch Review – The best longines mens gold watch in 2023:
Longines is one of the oldest watchmakers in Switzerland, and the company has an unrivaled track record of invention, innovation, patents, and accolades.

Additionally, the business is known for producing some of the most elegant timepieces that have ever been produced. We have here a magnificent example from the year 1967, which was a time when, technically speaking, Longines was competing head-to-head with virtually all of the other Swiss watchmakers and winning.

After the success of the Flagship in 1957, Longines followed it up in 1960 with the debut of the Admiral Automatic. This particular model was produced in 1967 and features a Longines Automatic movement inside of a watch casing that is made of 18-carat gold and measures 35 millimeters in diameter.

The Dial

Longines was an industry leader in watch design throughout the 1950s and 1960s, excelling in every facet of watch creation. The business was justifiably regarded in extremely high respect for the quality of their movements, and a closer inspection of any of their watch cases reveals equally high attention for case design, as well as quality, purpose, and perfection.

When it comes to style and refinement, practically all of the classic vintage dial designs offered by Longines are, in our opinion, head and shoulders above the competition. At the very least, they stand out from the crowd. This Longines gentleman’s dress watch from the late 1960s features a design that is exemplary of the brand’s traditional elegance and sophistication.

The dial has an unusual light vertical cut finish that catches up the available light nicely, and the attached oblong base hour indices are intriguing since they are double inlaid with onyx that rests proudly on the base. The dial also has a light vertical cut finish. In addition, the “stick” hands made of gold are inlaid with onyx, which, combined with the attached 5 Stars at the “12” position and the applied Longines logo, all contribute to this dial’s high level of sophistication and uniqueness.

This is the original dial that was brought back to its former glory by our dial restorers, who are widely regarded as the most skilled professionals in all of the United Kingdom.

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The Movement

This watch is equipped with the authentic Longines Calibre 501, 17 Jewel movement, which has been meticulously overhauled and maintained by our vintage Longines master watchmaker to ensure that it is in pristine condition.

This indicates that the movement has been extensively dismantled, cleaned, examined, and rebuilt with only genuine Longines components wherever necessary, after which it has been meticulously calibrated and tested. After being returned, the accuracy of this antique watch has improved to within +6 seconds each day, which is remarkable for a watch of this age that is vintage. This mechanism has a power reserve of forty-four hours when it is wound to its maximum capacity.

The mechanism is branded with the name “Longines Automatic,” and it has the caliber number 501, the serial number 14335434, and 17 jewels from Switzerland. The year 1967 may be deduced from the watch’s serial number.

Because these motions are powerful, precise, and extremely dependable, they are ideal for use in situations where portability and practicability are of the utmost importance. Our watchmaker has informed us that the movement in question is in excellent shape, and if we serve it at the recommended intervals of every two to three years, we can anticipate that this watch will continue to serve us well for many more decades to come. As a result, we are really glad to provide a guarantee on this watch movement* for a period of twelve months, as well if servicing in the future, as necessary.

The Watch Case

The extremely high-quality 18-carat gold watch case has lugs that are short, straight, and swept back. Additionally, the winding crown is recessed, and the case back is rounded. These elements provide the resemblance of a Patek Phillipe “Calatrava” watch to the casing. In order to remove the screw-down case-back, which is attached to the case using a unique tool designed by Longines, the case has an extremely complex two-piece construction. Since the bezel is fixed, the lens and movement are installed from the back of the case, which increases the stiffness of the watch case and makes it more resistant to dust and water.

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This watch has clearly been extremely well cared for, as evidenced by the fact that it has only been used on a sporadic basis. This can be deduced from the fact that the bezel, case, and case back are all in excellent shape and show almost no signs of wear. The case has been meticulously examined, meticulously cleaned, and thoroughly hand-polished, and it is in pristine condition.

There are no scratches, dents, or other imperfections that are visible to the human eye on the case. No matter how thoroughly you desire to inspect the case, you will not find any indication that it has been used for anything other than extremely light and restricted cautious use.

Longines – Wittnauer is engraved on the case, along with the model reference for the Longines watch, which is 2943-501, and the case serial number, 6134280. In addition, both the interior and outside of the case bear the markings 18 Karat Gold.
The Strap & Buckle
In addition, a Longines gold-plated buckle has been attached to the black Longines crocodile leather strap that has been installed.

Sum Up

Since the beginning, we have always been huge fans of vintage Longines, and we believe that for many years they have been grossly undervalued. Since these watches are technically superior to practically all other high-end brands, there is no valid explanation for this situation. In spite of the fact that their prices have been climbing at a rate of around 20% annually over the course of the last few years, they continue to be an outstanding deal.

This Longines watch is an excellent representation of a classic model that is highly regarded for its aesthetic value and desirability. It is a thing of beauty, to use, to wear, to love, and to enjoy! It is a vintage gold gentleman’s dress watch that is uncommon, useful, and extremely valuable, and it comes from one of the most highly regarded brands in the field of horology.

This watch has the potential to become a treasured heritage for your family as well as a good investment. Even while prices for vintage Longines have been creeping closer to those of competitors such as Omega, JLC, and Rolex over the course of the previous two to three years, we are confident that exceptional specimens such as this one continue to trade for less than they are worth.

The global demand for antique gold watches is expected to continue growing over the next several years. As a result, there will be a smaller available supply of these watches, which means that their prices will almost certainly continue to rise. Other in stock of men’s collections are: casio g-shock men’s watch ga-100cf, dallas cowboys mens watch, ferragamo mens watch, ferrari mens watch, diamond mens cartier watch, etc

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